The Best Floor Mats for BMW

If you invested in a BMW, you'll always want to invest just a little more to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. One of the easiest things that you can do is to purchase high-quality floor mats to protect the carpet. The best mat choice will also enhance the appearance and comfort of your car. Choose the right mats for your own unique tastes and requirements.

Types Of BMW Floor Mats

You may want to select your floor mat because of the way you use your car or even to match your own unique style. These are the most popular kinds of BMW floor mats.

Mats With A Genuine BMW Logo

You might prefer to purchase factory mats from the original manufacturer. These luxurious floor mats come with the distinctive BMW logo and the quality you expect.

All-Weather Mats

These kinds of mats for a BMW usually have sculpted ridges to trap salt, mud, melting snow, and other debris that may come off of your shoes. You will protect your carpet and find these easy to clean off with a hose when you get home.

Carpet Mats

You can get carpet mats that provide the luxurious feel and perfect fit of BMW mats. They may come with logos. In some cases, you can even order your own custom logo. You also have the option to choose between Berber, plush, and many other textures and a variety of colors.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats will protect your BMW carpets against day-to-day use and soil. These might be a great option if you transport kids and pets in your car or are concerned about an occasional coffee spill on the floor. You can even purchase molded rubber liners that protect the bottom sides of the vehicle. These are easy to clean with a damp cloth or hose.

Logo or Monogrammed Mats

Impress your passengers with a custom logo for your family or your business. You can order pre-designed logos or send in your own. Some popular monograms include sports teams, colleges, initials, and more.

Aluminum Mats

These mats have a coating of durable vinyl to protect your car and feel very comfortable against your feet. Meanwhile, the tough and flexible aluminum mat body will protect your vehicle from hard use in all sorts of situations. The polished, shiny appearance gives your vehicle a very modern and high-tech look. Meanwhile, they'll hold up against such hard uses as work boots and hauling cargo.

Natural Fiber Mats

You might not know that you can even purchase custom-fit auto mats made from a variety of natural fibers. For instance, car mats from the sisal plant are comfortable and very easy to clean. You can even choose sheepskin floor mats for a luxurious feeling against your feet. These natural fiber mats for a BMW are crafted to last a long time and will also give your car a very distinctive and interesting appearance.

Cargo Liners

If you carry cargo or pets in your BMW, you will want to take extra measures to protect your vehicle. These are designed to fit precisely in various areas of your car. They also have a raised lip around the outside to keep accidental spills or dirt inside the mat and off of your car. The textured material also provides a non-skid surface to keep your cargo from moving around as you drive under normal conditions.

Tips To Buy The Best BMW Floor Mats

The floor mats you choose can impact your vehicle's appearance, durability, comfort, and usefulness. These days, you have plenty of options. In fact, you may find it difficult the choose the best mats for your own unique situation. These are some important factors to consider before you purchase floor mats for your BMW.


Plush carpet or natural sheepskin can give you the most comfortable and luxurious feeling for your feet. Some carpeted floor mats even come with an extra layer of padding underneath. They may even offer some sound insulation to make your vehicle's interior as quiet as possible. Generally, these carpeted maps come with a coat of protection to make them resistant to stains.

As a note, other kinds of mats were also designed with comfort in mind. Plush mats will give you the most luxurious feeling, but rubber or even vinyl-coated aluminum will still feel comfortable beneath your feet.


If you're concerned that trips to the beach or hauling construction materials might damage carpeted floor mats too quickly, you might consider all-weather or rubber floor mats or even cargo liners. Even though carpeted mats come resistant to stains, they probably won't ever last as long as the kinds of mats that were designed for tough duty. Rubber and all-weather mats will have ridges that can contain liquids and oils.

These mats are also flexible and soft enough to offer a comfortable ride for your tired feet or your pets. In some cases, the style of these mats may match styling options of your car pretty well. Some BMW owners want to achieve a more sporty look and prefer the appearance of these over carpet.

Amount Of Coverage

Typically, floor mats cover most of your interior floor, but they won't cover the entire surface. If you need all-over coverage, you might choose a floor liner instead of a floor mat. You can always insert the floor liners when you need to haul gardening supplies, pets, or beach toys. Then you can take them out later and use mats if you want to use your car for a night out or to impress your best clients.

Color Options

Generally, carpet will offer you the most off-the-shelf color options. Vinyl, aluminum, and natural materials may have more limited selections of colors. If accenting your vehicle with the perfect color is the most important thing on your list, than carpeting should probably be your first choice. On the other hand, some people prefer the way that other materials complement their car's interior trim.

Where To Find BMW Floor Mats

You can shop for a variety of affordable, high-quality BMW floor mats online. These mats will give you a custom fit and guaranteed durability. Visit here to choose the best floor mats for your BMW today: