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Bimmers or most commonly known as BMW cars are not only automobiles, they are a symbol of class, sophistication and status. BMW forums are available for bimmer owners, fans and enthusiasts; where people can discuss anything and everything that there is to discuss about bimmers.

There are thousands of forums specifically created for BMWs. Viewing posts and forums on these sites are generally free. But there are some sites that would require you to register, especially if you intend to participate. There are also some forums that require a membership fee. These types of forums are more of a club than just that of a typical forum site. Though there are free ones, forums with premiums offer several advantages and perks.

Categories of BMW forums

BMW forums have categories for easy navigation and site viewing.

BMW marketplace

Depending on the forums origin, one common category is the Marketplace. This is where BMW owners and business owners post products and services. But these products and services should only be about BMWs. There are also other forums that reserve the right to post advertisements to premium members only. On forums with premiums, the member gets a huge advantage on the Marketplace. The higher your premium is, the more priority your posts gets. If you have a BMW service shop or if you sell BMWs, this is a great advantage. Your posts and advertisements would always go on top regardless of how many new postings there are.

List of BMW Forums

There are many BMW forums available all throughout the web. But here are some note-worthy sites to consider:


The site is free to view but members have to register and log in to post replies or topics on forums. The site has a My Garage feature which allows members to show off their cars and find people with bimmers around their area. This is a great feature which enables you to find other BMW enthusiasts near you.



Another great forum site is Bimmerpost at . Bimmerpost is similar to bimmerfest, it’s free to view but you have to register and log-in to post on forums. Bimmerpost is a good site to visit if you are searching for the latest news about BMWs. The site also provides information and specifications on almost all BMW models. It’s a worthy site to visit if you want to expand your BMW knowledge.



The site to visit if you’re looking for BMW upgrades or if you want to sell some BMW parts or merchandise is. Bimmerforums allow users to post products and services. They have a BMW classifieds and even a Vendor Specials forum where you can buy upgrades, discuss on what upgrades to buy and what where to find the best deals.



It is the ultimate automotive resource for consumers with discussions on everything from new vehicle shopping, aftermarket parts, auto insurance, car audio, and much more.










BMW M Forum

An independant forum for all BMW M owners and persons who want to become a owner



THE quintessential message forum for the e28 5 series (82-88).



Forum for E36 BMWs.



Webspace for bimmers. Pics of german bimmer meetings


Car classification categories

Another common category on these forums is the car classification category. This is where members usually talk about their cars and their experiences with their specified car class. With a specific car category, members usually talk about the dos and don’ts as well as how tos. They also compare upgrades and specifications depending on the topic.

BMW parts

There are also forum categories specified for different BMW parts. The most common on forum sites have categories on engine, brakes and suspension, electronics and ECUs, wheels, body and style. These are only a few of the categories but these are the most common ones. On the engine category, people usually post questions about their cars engine and what to do with engine problems. Others talk about or compare engine types and engine upgrades.

Under brakes and suspension, most topics ranges from suspension problems and what to do with them and how to fix them. Another common topic under this category is also on upgrades, on what to buy and how to upgrade them for racing or autocross.

On the Electronics and ECU category, topics are mostly on computer box problems and electrical problems. And also, this is where you’ll find topics on auto diagnostics as well as tuning and coding on BMW cars.

Even the simplest topic on the site has thousands of queries, one of them is the wheel category. On this category, many post topics asking about what rims and wheels to use. What brand to get and what best suits their bimmer. Others often post topics on what wheels to buy on a certain climate or season.

Under body and style category, members mostly show off their bimmers. Here, you would see thousands of unique paint jobs and body works done on bimmers. Some topics discuss on how to set-up the right body kit for certain BMW models. Topics on body kits, spoilers, side skirts and bumpers are also common under the category.

BMW Series Classifications

Another common category you’ll see on these forum sites are BMW Series Classifications -- from series 1 to 8, the Z and X series and as well as the classics. There are thousands of topics under these categories. This is where viewers can see the pros and cons of each series. Members usually discuss their experiences with different BMW models and compare their experiences with one another.

BMW showdown

Aside from discussions, BMW forums also have galleries where members can post pictures and videos of their cars. Some members even post club meetings and recruit members at these forum sites. Majority of forum sites also have news feeds where the latest news about BMWs are posted.