The 12 Most Expensive BMW Cars Ever Made

If you are one of the avid car fanatics, you probably know a lot about BMW. This is one of the luxury car manufacturers well-known for producing streamlined, luxe, and robust cars that have turned into a "status symbol" over the years.

The BMWs are not just one of the staples for wealthy people; they also combine top features and convenience with unmatchable style and comfort. When rolling up in one of the luxurious BMWs, you will get noticed, and the glances are usually accompanied by envy. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford the price tags involved with the most prized BMW cars

Here is a list of the most expensive BMW cars ever made. The most significant part of the list belongs to tuned cars, especially by G-Power tuner, but the highest price stands for few BMW concepts.

12. BMW X5M G-Power Typhoon – $710,000

Top speed 300 kph, power 725 hp. 0-100 kph, 0-62 mph - 4.2 seconds.

11. 2014 BMW M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RS – $800,000

Celebrating 30 years of big BMW power, German tuning company G-Power has launched the new “RR” version for the BMW M5/M6 Bi-Kompressor-System, based on a BMW M5 E61 Touring, with a whopping 820bhp – claiming it's "the fastest station wagon in the world."

10. 2010 BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane RR – $750,000

Top speed 372 kph, power 800 hp. 0-100 kph, 0-62 mph - 4.35 seconds.

9. 2012 BMW X6 M G-Power Typhoon WideBody – $760,000

Also valued at around $760,000, this is one of the race cars that features an extremely luxurious feel. The Typhoon boasts a curvaceous body, along with ample interior space. You also won't feel any rev when going from 0 to 62 in under 5 seconds. When it comes to BMW, there is one thing that you can be certain of that your car will not lose its original value. In fact, if you invest in one of the collector models, you could probably sell the car for more than what you originally purchased it for.

8. 2009 BMW M6 G-Power Hurricane CS - $760,000

Named the World's Fastest BMW Coupe in 2009, a difficult title to attain, this model was valued at $760,000. The M6 Hurricane features 21-inch Silverstone Diamond wheels that allow the car to be handled and driven at super-fast speeds. At these high speeds, regular car tires would probably fall off.

7. 2015 BMW M6 G-Power Hurricane CS Ultimate – $800,000

Also valued at around $800,000, this "casual" car sports more than a thousand horsepower. The M6 G-Power Hurricane CS Ultimate is capable of reaching 200 KM/H in under 9 seconds. If you want to buy one of these beasts, you would need to look for the owner that decided to remain anonymous. He or she currently resides in the UAE. This is one of the serious collectors' models.

6. 2012 BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane RRs – $800,000

The Hurricane RRs was definitely among the most sought-after and popular BMW models ever produced. This car was also rated as one of the fastest sedans at a certain point, with 2 ASA T1-316 superchargers that gave this car an impressive speed boost. However, BMW chose not to mass-produce this top-selling car, which was valued at around $800,000. Instead, they launched a Jubilee package, creating powerful and customized models that pay tribute to the original Hurricanes.

5. BMW X6 G-Power Typhoon S – $800,000

While this car was originally sold for more than $800,000, today, you will find it challenging to find a model for under a million. This mainly has to do with the popularity that the 2011 X6 enjoyed when it was first released. It was also one of the most powerful vehicles in the world. If you wanted to buy this car today, you would need to find a collector, and you would most likely pay a minimum of $1 million.

4. 2000 BMW X5 Le Mans Concept – $1,000,000

The exterior of this car looks almost identical to the BMW X5. Many agree that this car looks a bit odd, and it doesn't seem to justify why this car sells for a million dollars. This model had a sporty appeal and a V12 engine along with top-tech features. However, this version was not that popular, and it made sense why it remained conceptual.

3. 1990 BMW M8 Prototype – $1,000,000

Only a single version of the M8 was ever produced, and it is well over $1 million. This is one of the models that reached "cult status" even though only a few videos and pictures prove that it existed. Regardless of the reason as to why BMW chose not to mass sell this version, they have demonstrated that they hold a definitive edge when it comes to iconic designs and recalling value.

2. 2015 BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept 2015 – $1,500,000

A fascinating story backs this stunning car. The CSL Hommage Concept BMW was produced to "pay homage" to a CSL model produced in the 1970s. While the initial design did not receive much acclaim, BMW reworked and worked this design until reaching a stage that they produced a far nicer-looking model. This car was valued at $1.5 million.

1. 1991 BMW Nazca M12 – $3,000,000

Giorgetto Giugiaro, a prolific designer created and designed highly unique BMW Nazca M12 and C2 models in 1991. Both cars were an immediate hit, but neither of these cars ever made it to the stage of production despite their extremely attractive features. The C2 model was manufactured, where 3 models made it onto the market. These cars sold for more than $1 million each. The M12 model, which was estimated at around $3 million, never sold.